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What We Do



From 1955 to early 1990s, Homer Knost Construction built many of the plants still in existence on the Mississippi River, Lake Charles, and Eastern Texas today. Arkel International incorporated in 1975 to undertake the massive Kenana Sugar Factory.

Arkel’s industrial efforts include building pipelines, camps, sugar mills and general construction. By
the early 2000s, Arkel finds its niche in performing in austere, remote markets. With over 60 years of experience consistently exceeding our customer’s expectations, Arkel is your go-to contractor for projects ranging from man camps, power plants, and power distribution to secure ad high-value facilities. Arkel’s teams have conducted installations in the most rigorous time frames and under the harshest conditions, earning us a stellarreputation and a sought-after contractor.


Arkel has been performing services on multi-million-dollar projects for life support,
construction, camp management and power generation for United States Government and
military forces for over 30 years.

We have successfully executed the construction of over 45 pre-engineered buildings using our FrameMaster building solution for the United States Marine Corp and have successfully executed multiple operations and maintenance projects for government forces in Iraq. Arkel has also performed on the following Indefinite Delivery / Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) government contract vehicles: LOGCAP, AFRICAP, CNTPO and CJPS-CIVPOL.

Oil & Gas

Arkel has been performing in the Oil & Gas market for both domestic and international customers for the past 20+ years. We have familiarized ourselves with the local codes and regulations and utilize international standards to ensure compliance with all international, country, customer, and local regulations. Arkel is compliant/familiar with all International Oil Company (IOC), Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSSE) requirements and has existing relationships with multiple providers worldwide.



Arkel can successfully design and build under the most difficult conditions imaginable, including Greenfields, oilfields, man-made or naturally devastated areas and underdeveloped environments with no infrastructure.

Key Competencies:

+ Civil and Infrastructure
+ Value Engineering
+ Design Engineering
+ Permanent or Temporary Man-Camp/Village Construction
+ Scheduling
+ Cost Estimating
+ Programming
+ Facility, Site-assessment, and + Inspection
+ Constructability Review
+ Water Well Drilling
+ Prefabricated Building Solutions and Systems

Construction Management

Arkel has successfully managed construction projects for the US Government and commercial customers. We’ve done so in remote and austere environments, for disaster recovery/relief and most recently with the COVID-19 Pandemic. We support leaders around the world to manage their construction projects efficiently and effectively.

Key Competencies:

+ Planning
+ Supply Chain Management
+ Human Resources
+ Logistics
+ Quality
+ Cost Estimating
+ Scheduling
+ Program Management

Disaster Relief

In the event of a disaster, Arkel can mobilize as soon as 48 hours of contract award because time is of the essence in an emergent situation.

Key Competencies:

+ Rapid mobilization
+ Food Service
+ Power Solutions
+ Equipment Rental and Maintenance
+ Temporary Housing

Electrical & Instrumentation

Our Electrical & Instrumentation capabilities include experience with control equipment, separately mounted instrumentation devices, distribution switchgear, and motor control centers for one source responsibility. Our standards include complete point-to-point
documentation and Operations and Maintenance information, with system engineering, software programming and configuration, on-site startup and owner training services.

We provide complete system responsibility during and after the warranty period, with extensive knowledge and experience with analog and digital electronic process control systems, programmable logic controllers, distributed process control, data acquisition and monitoring, local panel and control panel design, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, and human-machine interface systems.

Key Competencies:

+ Power Generation
+ Distribution
+ Security Systems
+ Electrical Studies (Perimeter Security,
Intruder Detection, Guard Towers, CCTV
Cameras, Instrument and Controls)
+ Security System Consultation

Life Support Services

Arkel provides Life Support Services wherever and whenever needed.

Key Competencies:

+ Turnkey Base Camp Construction
+ Operations, & Management
+ Temporary Housing Solutions
+ Living Accommodations
+ Water & Wastewater
+ Dining Facility/Catering/Catering Services
+ Laundry
+ Offices; Long- and Short-Term Billeting Solutions
+ Fire Protection; Housekeeping
+ Medical Facilities; Morale, Recreation & Welfare
+ General Maintenance
+ Potable Water Delivery; Sewage Removal
+ Electricity/Power Supply
+ Recreational Facilities
+ Local Procurement; Transportation/Vehicles (Sales, Leasing & Operations)
+ Waste Management
+ Security
+ Communications


Arkel knows how to navigate the global supply chain to deliver your logistics needs.

Key Competencies:

+ Logistical services
+ Procurement
+ In and Out-bound Transportation & Management
+ Inventory and Cost Control
+ Document Control
+ Customs Clearance
+ Warehousing; Materials Handling
+ Order Fulfillment
+ Overseas Shipping
+ In-country Procurement
+ In-country Transportation/Shipping
+ Warranty Administration

Operations & Maintenance

Arkel enables O&M in high-risk, remote, and austere environments.

Key Competencies:

+ Expeditionary Construction
+ Logistics Planning and Execution
+ Supply Chain Management
+ Transportation Management
+ Housing and Facilities Management
+ Warehousing
+ Preventive, Predictive, Reactive, and Corrective Maintenance
+ Asset Management
+ Recapitalization
+ Reliability, Maintainability, Availability
+ Medical Facilities
+ Sewage Removal
+ Communications
+ General Maintenance
+ Potable Water
+ Waste Management & Disposal

Power Solutions

One of our core capabilities and a market niche is the supply, installation, operation, and management of expeditionary power. As demonstrated by our experience and past performance, Arkel has developed a trusted brand for power installation, distribution,
operations, and maintenance. Our team is designed to maximize efficiency and performance and seasoned to prepare and react to dynamic market and environmental conditions.

Arkel has become known for its power supply experience and capability ranging from megawatt power plants that sustain 100,000 people to small remote base camps. We have the capability of mobilizing power engineers and technicians to fulfill power requirements anywhere in the world, and we understand all different levels of maintenance.

Key Competencies:

+ Forward-deployed, Complete Repair Capability to Remote Areas
+ Design, Build, Operate and Maintain Power Plants and Infrastructure
+ Lease, Install, Maintain Generators
+ Overhead Wire Distribution
+ Operations and Maintenance
+ Equipment Procurement
+ Complete Fuel Systems
+ Power Generation and Distribution

Program Integration & Management

Arkel conducts complex program and integration management functions on behalf of clients, working with subcontractors and team mates to ensure program success.

Key Competencies:

+ Program/Project Management
+ Engineering
+ Documentation
+ Supply Chain Management
+ Scheduling
+ Cost Estimating
+ Project Controls
+ Quality Assurance/Quality Control
+ Start-up and Commissioning
+ Training

Security Solutions

Arkel provides the people, processes, tools, and technology to deploy security solutions for our government and commercial customers quickly and compliantly. We’ve done this for over 20 years throughout the United States, Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific. We deliver mission-critical security solutions worldwide so our customers can achieve their peak performance.

Key Competencies:

+ Security Systems
+ Electrical Studies
+ Perimeter Security
+ Intruder Detection
+ Guard Towers
+ CCTV Cameras
+ Instrumentation & Controls