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Making it Possible

Agility, Commitment, Excellence, Results


Building Customer Relationships and Infrastructure.

Arkel International is an infrastructure and technical services company helping organizations, governments and militaries work successfully in the world’s most austere and remote locations. 

With a 60+ year history of working overseas building plants, providing construction and power generation, logistical and life support, Arkel goes where others cannot or will not. We’ve built a reputation of fulfilling on our promises and the needs of our customers worldwide.

You Dream It. We Build It.

Arkel International provides our customers with top-tier construction, electrical, instrumentation, power and base operations solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Performance Matters.

We are capable of providing scalable solutions for life support missions, Framemaster rapid buildings, HATS & Safe Havens, and Program Integration and Management.

Our Services


Arkel can successfully design and build under the most difficult conditions imaginable, including greenfields, oilfields, man-made or naturally-devastated areas and underdeveloped environments with no infrastructure.

Electrical & Instrumentation

We provide complete system responsibility during and after the warranty period, with extensive knowledge and experience of every facet of the job.

Operations &

Our core competencies in operations and management allow us to operate in high risk, remote, and austere environments any where across the globe.

Power Solutions

Arkel has become known for its power supply experience and capability ranging from mega watt power plants that sustain 100,000 people to small remote base camps.

Program Integration & Management

Arkel conducts complex program and integration management functions on behalf of clients, working with subcontractors and team mates to ensure program success.

Security Solutions

Arkel applies lessons learned from more than 60 years operating in tenuous environments, from remote camps in Sudan to combat outposts in Afghanistan.


Whether it is a multi-million dollar military project, domestic or international oil and gas project, or remote construction in the furthest corners of the globe, Arkel International can meet your requirements in a safe, timely, and professional manner. 

Oil & Gas


What Our Customers Say...

“With the end of Operation Warp Speed (OWS) and all its title changes, I want to personally thank your team for their participation. This Task Order was a total team effort – across sites, across task orders with the incredibly valuable support from the ARKEL team.”
“Choosing Arkel International as your General Contractor would provide a sense of comfort and you would be pleased with the safety, quality, and performance of their work.”
Cheniere Energy