Feasibility Studies

  • Sudan Food Services

    Location: Sudan, Africa

    Sudan Food Services

    The contract was to supply food for 850 trainee prison officers for a 12 week period; this is a long term contract for 12 months. Initially, the contract was for 650 trainees, but within a few days the numbers had gone up to 800 then a few days later was again increased to 850. These items had to be delivered on a daily basis as no storage or refrigeration was available at the tented training grounds where they lived for 12 weeks.

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  • Jigawa Sugar Complex

    Location: State of Jigawa, Nigeria

    Jigawa Sugar Complex

    The Jigawa Sugar Company in Nigeria contracted with Arkel to prepare a feasibility study for the establishment of three (3) sugar factories in the State of Jigawa, a main production facility to produce refined sugar, a 1500 MTCD satellite plant to produce raw sugar and a second satellite plant to process 4000 MTCD of sugarcane to produce raw sugar.

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  • Yemen Sugar Refinery

    Location: Port of Aden, Yemen

    Yemen Sugar Refinery

    The Yemen Sugar Refinery feasibility study was prepared to evaluate the viability of producing and marketing refined sugar in Yemen and selling electricity to industrial users and/or the public utility.

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