Camp Construction, Maintenance and First Responder Networks

Location: Iraq
The Joint Area Support Group granted Arkel a large tract of land within Saddam Hussein’s former “Believer’s Palace” compound in the heart of Baghdad’s “Green Zone” for Arkel’s use to provide accommodations and subsequent camps for various multinationals doing prime-contract work in-country. Arkel performed a wide variety of services on all camps ranging from design/construction to ongoing life support and Operations and Maintenance. Housing and office facilities within the camps were from fairly simple living quarters to spacious “VIP” accommodations with verandas and outdoor space. Arkel designed, built, operated, and maintained camp accommodations. The camp housed more than 75 people for whom Arkel provided all life support services (Housekeeping, Laundry, General maintenance, Power generation, Potable & non-potable water delivery, Sewage removal, Trash / refuse removal, Grounds-keeping, Pest / vector control).

Under the same contract, Arkel was commissioned to perform work under contract by USACE/Iraqi MOI for their Mobile Switching Office-Government Dispatch Centers (MSO-GDC), First Responders Network (the Iraqi “911”.) Sites for this subsequent work included Tikrit, Mosul, Hilla, Al-Kut, Diwaniyah, Samawah, Basrah and Kirkuk.