Baghdad Embassy Infrastructure Upgrade Project (BESF)

Location: Baghdad, Iraq
The project consisted of both remedial and expansion construction work. Electrical work included connecting the Baghdad Embassy (BESF) camp to the existing New Embassy Compound (NEC) Medium Voltage Power Plant and then balancing the camps load distribution on two of the New Embassy Compound (NEC) MV feeders. This included removing one of two camp existing generators in each of the five zones and replacing them with a pad mounted transformer which connected to the site electrical distribution system. Additional requirements included providing increased drinking water supply, water treatment, water distribution, existing well upgrades, increased water storage, and storm sewer improvements. Also included were improvements to the existing wastewater facilities and outfall; and Containerized Housing Unit (CHU) remediation work to mitigate an existing formaldehyde issue.

Modifications to the project included a New Embassy Compound Electrical Study, Embassy Sewage System Upgrades, Civil and Miscellaneous Upgrades, and the design-build of a covered recreation facility (or bath house) adjacent to the existing outdoor pool at the east end barracks man camp.