Generator Operations & Maintenance

  • Maintenance Services for ESP Diesel Generators

    Location: Rumaila Oil Field, Iraq

    Maintenance Services for ESP Diesel Generators

    Arkel carries out daily routine checks and preventive and breakdown maintenance of all Electric Submersible Pump (ESP) Diesel Generators. Scope includes, but not limited to: Daily Operations & Checks and Corrective Maintenance; Preventative Maintenance; Overhaul; Training of the operator as well as the local service teams; Emergency response; Serious malfunction repair; Major maintenance service; Provide technical guidance and installation services of any required fabrication required to improve generators reliability at Rumaila Oil Field, Iraq.

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  • Power Plant Design, Construction and Operations & Maintenance

    Location: Rumaila Oil Field, Basra, Iraq

    Power Plant Design, Construction and Operations & Maintenance

    Arkel is providing 8 MW of diesel powered generation capable of delivering 4MW continuous power and a fuel distribution system. We will deliver a ‘Complete Solution Approach’ which includes design, manufacture, technical support, spare parts, and maintenance for the Power Generation package. Package includes: Synchronization panel, Switchgear, Diesel Generators with proper acoustic enclosures, spare parts, and all associated controls, cables, cable trays, fuel tanks, fuel transfer system, piping, grounding system and connecting hardware.

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  • VBC East Prime Power

    Location: Baghdad, Iraq

    VBC East Prime Power

    The VBC East project consisted of a Prime Power site and extensive overhead distribution network to be designed and constructed. This site also had the added complexity of requiring two large switchgear systems, the first rated at 40 MW at 11KV and the second, the main load sharing switch, 100MW at 11 KV.

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  • Electrical Construction Works for Process and Injection Water Supply System

    Arkel is providing Installation of generator sets and synchronization panel, switchgear, transformers, instrument air compressor, dryer and tank and instrument on lines.

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