Power Solutions

One of our core capabilities and a market niche is the installation, operation, and management of expeditionary power. As demonstrated with our experience and past performance, Arkel has developed a trusted brand for power installation, distribution, operations and maintenance. Our team is designed to maximize efficiency and performance, and seasoned to prepare and react to dynamic market and environmental conditions.

The Arkel team has successfully commissioned numerous prime power facilities from the smallest to the largest scale in Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Kenya, and other remote regions, and has a depth of qualified staff to support this effort.

Arkel has become known for its power supply experience and capability ranging from mega watt generators that sustain 100,000 people to the HVAC systems installed in base camps. We have the capability of mobilizing power technicians and administration in order to fulfill power requirements anywhere in the world, and we understand all different levels of maintenance.

Integrated power services include:
  • Design, Construction and Installation of large Power Plants
  • Overhead Wire Distribution
  • Complete Repair Capability in Remote Areas
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Complete Fuel Systems

Arkel’s experience implementing electrical systems includes:
  • Generation
  • Distribution
  • Security systems
  • Electrical studies (Perimeter Security, Intruder Detection, Guard Towers, CCTV Cameras, Instrumentation & Controls)