International Construction

Arkel can successfully design and build under the most difficult conditions imaginable, including greenfields, oilfields, man-made or naturally-devastated areas and underdeveloped environments with no infrastructure. Complete design-build construction services include:
  • Civil and Infrastructure
  • Value Engineering
  • Design Engineering
  • Permanent or Temporary Man-Camp/Village Construction
  • Scheduling
  • Cost Estimating
  • Programming
  • Facility, Site Assessment and Inspection
  • Constructability Review
  • Water Well Drilling
  • Pre-Fabricated Building Solutions and Systems

FrameMaster Building Solution

Whether you want to build a workforce town, a resource of rentable portables or provide temporary housing and offices, Arkel’s building solution, FrameMaster, can deliver a utility building solution that is ready to roll from day one. You can make modern, attractive buildings that are permanent or easily transported to any site.

The FrameMaster system integrates design software, manufacturing software and roll formers to produce accurate steel frame components for almost any type of modular or portable building. From offices to accommodation units, kitchens, laundries and utility blocks.

FrameMaster Features:
  • Pre-engineered to specifications
  • Safety Features (Calculations) built into design
  • Life span 30+ year usage
  • Quality On Site Fabrication and Assembly
  • Versatile multi use capabilities
  • Local labor training and employment

FRAMECAD System 350 I (FrameMaster machine) provides high-quality, safe, comfortable, timely and economical building solutions that include design-build options to meet contingency, expeditionary, temporary and permanent deployment needs worldwide to include structures such as: Living accommodation units (wet and dry); Ablution units; Laundry buildings; Office units; Warehousing/storage facilities; Work shops; and Moral and welfare buildings.

Our FrameMaster heavy-duty mobile manufacturing equipment is capable of producing trusses and panels for roofs and floors, as well as wall framing for a wide range of building designs all from cold formed steel. Every output is accurately formed, cut, punched, dimpled and individually labeled, ready for assembly, all manufactured right at the jobsite.

For more information about Arkel’s FrameMaster Capabilities, please see our Framemaster Brochure below.

Framemaster Brochure