• International Construction

    Arkel can successfully design and build under the most difficult conditions imaginable, including greenfields, oilfields, man-made or naturally-devastated areas and underdeveloped environments with no infrastructure. Complete design-build construction services include:  Read More
  • Power Solutions

    One of our core capabilities and a market niche is the installation, operation, and management of expeditionary power. As demonstrated with our experience and past performance, Arkel has developed a trusted brand for power installation, distribution, operations and maintenance. Our team is designed to maximize efficiency and performance, and seasoned to prepare and react to dynamic market and environmental conditions.  Read More
  • Life Support and Logistics

    Life Support: Arkel is well adapted and highly capable of providing life support services ranging from initial expeditionary trips to long-term, multi-year program management. From short-term, transient housing to full-service camps or villages, Arkel meets all housing, minor medical and life support functions:  Read More
  • Sugar, Ethanol

    Arkel Sugar is not just sugar anymore! Arkel Sugar now has the capability to perform complete Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) projects from start to finish for the sugar to ethanol industry, as well as enhanced biomass power generation to maximize electricity sales to local power utilities.

      Read More
  • Electrical and Instrumentation

    Our Electrical and Instrumentation (E&I) capabilities include experience with control equipment, separately mounted instrumentation devices, distribution switchgear, and motor control centers for one source responsibility. Our standards include complete point-to-point documentation and Operations and Maintenance information, with system engineering, software programming and configuration, on-site startup and owner training services.  Read More