VBC East Prime Power

Location: Baghdad, Iraq
The VBC East project consisted of a Prime Power site and extensive overhead distribution network to be designed and constructed. This site also had the added complexity of requiring two large switchgear systems, the first rated at 40 MW at 11KV and the second, the main load sharing switch, 100MW at 11 KV.

Arkel was responsible for design and installation of the entire plant, including a temporary construction camp for up to 80 personnel, a permanent site camp for 30+ people, leveling of site, all fencing, roads, complete project engineering, supply of fueling system, fuel unloading system, fuel system instrumentation and controls, fuel polishing system, fuel storage for 280,000 gallons at site, fuel containment system, generator foundations, pole foundations, pole erection, transformer foundations, transformer placement, transformer procurement, wire procurement, wire installation, electrical control loops for power generation, fuel supply loops for generators, generator foundations, internal wiring and grounding for generators, supply of workshops and procurement of maintenance equipment.