Gulf Coast LNG

Location: United States Gulf Coast Region
Arkel has been performing in the Gulf Coast Oil and Gas market for the past two (2) years.  Beginning in November of 2015, Arkel started a Design / Build Security Infrastructure Project that is slated for completion in Q4 of 2017.  The Security Infrastructure Project (SIP) which includes the construction of the Main Entry Complex to the facility. The Main Entry Complex consists of a Main Gate Building for visitor check-in and security staff offices, Entry Control Point and Detailed Screening Area. The buildings and support structures were designed to withstand forced entry and blast threats. Arkel was also responsible for the perimeter fencing, access control, CCTV and other intrusion prevention scope. Extensive civil works including all necessary pilings and retaining walls, vehicle screening areas, as well as a blast-rated building for security operations were all included in this project.