New Business

9/20/2016 12:00:00 AM
Contract: WQ0314 – ESP Rental of Generators
Scope of Work:  Arkel will provide a minimum of 20 sets of generators (up to 40 possible) to International Oil Company for a rental duration of24 months, with an option to be extended to 36 months. Arkel will also provide all maintenance of rental units.
Capture2-(1).PNG   Capture1-(2).PNG
Pictures Above– These are 1250kVA generators waiting to be deployed for the International Oil Company Generator Lease Project.

Contract: CN101268 – Maintenance Services for ESP Diesel Generators
Scope of Work: Arkel carries out daily routine checks and preventive and breakdown maintenance of all ESP Diesel Generators. Scope includes, but not limited to: Daily Operations & Checks and Corrective Maintenance; Preventative Maintenance; Overhaul; Training of the operator as well as the local service teams; Emergency response; Serious malfunction repair; Major maintenance service; Provide technical guidance and installation services of any required fabrication required to improve generators reliability at Rumaila Oil Field, Iraq.
Capture3-(1).PNG   Capture4-(2).PNG
Pics Above – Arkel is supplying and installing a shade cover to be installed over the generators. This will decrease the surface and ambient temperature at the generator. Arkel presented this idea to ROO under the Generator Maintenance contract.