Arkel International (with Aditya International) Adds FrameMaster Machine to Afghanistan Operation

1/24/2010 12:00:00 AM
Kabul, Afghanistan - January 25, 2010 - ARKEL International, a 54-year-old business which has performed work globally since the 1970s, is pleased to announce we have entered into a partnership agreement with Aditya International forming International Building Constructors LLC (IBC).

International Building Constructors will feature the newest FRAMECAD System 350 I (FrameMaster machine) IBC will offer a complete turnkey building construction solution to customers.

The Team and equipment will be located in Helmand Province, Afghanistan and will have the capabilities to provide services throughout country.

FRAMECAD provides high - quality, safe, comfortable, timely and economical building solutions that include design build options to meet contingency, expeditionary, temporary and permanent deployment needs worldwide to include structures such as:

Living accommodation units (wet and dry)
Ablution units
Laundry buildings
Moral and welfare buildings
Office units
Warehousing/storage facilities
Work shops

About Arkel:

Arkel International is an infrastructure and essential services company helping organizations, governments and Militaries work successfully in the world's most austere and remote locations.

Arkel was founded in 1954, and has a 30-year history of working overseas providing construction and power generation, logistical and life support services.

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About Aditya:

Aditya International is a division of Blue Bell Shipping LLC, established since 1987. Aditya International was founded in 2003 primarily to support logistics and procurement requirements to organizations working in hazardous conditions and regions.

Aditya International over the years has expanded its capability to include civil construction, power plant installations, life support services Aditya is comprised a professional team of engineers and technicians able to mobilize at short notice.

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