The Arkel approach is to provide integrated solutions to serve the unique needs of customers doing work in under-developed, hostile and emerging markets or where there is little or no infrastructure. We self perform in our core competencies of construction, base operations, logistical and life support, power generation and IT/communications.

Arkel’s Approach…
  • Provide highly experienced and qualified management and project team.
  • Maximize the use of local labor and materials where feasible.
  • Rapid mobilization and procurement provides for timely delivery of services.
  • Follow health, safety, and environmental guidelines for our people and our customers.
  • Closely monitor and audit the project to maintain quality.
  • IT communications are established at all project sites.
  • Provide project specific security for our personnel and the project site.
  • Arkel is committed to our customers and their requirements throughout the life of the project.