Arkel’s history began in 1955 when a young, ambitious Homer Knost moved to Louisiana to participate in the building of the post-war petrochemical construction boom.

Homer Knost soon branched out to work in most of the chemical and refinery complexes on the Mississippi River system; and from Louisiana soon expanded to all facets of construction in industrial facilities across the United States. As the company’s horizons expanded domestically, Homer Knost set his sights on overseas opportunities.

1975 – The company goes global in Africa, South America, Mexico, China, etc.

1985 – Arkel completes the design and owner’s representative services for the largest sugar mill and refinery in the world at the time, the Kenana Sugar Company, in Sudan.

2003 – The Iraq war begins and Arkel is one of the first U.S. commercial firms allowed to do business in Iraq, performing construction, power, logistics and life support functions for oil and gas, military, power industry, water industry, and government agencies.

2009 – As business and operations grow, Arkel establishes a hub at Kandahar Airfield in support of LOGCAP providers.

2010 – Arkel expands its presence in Afghanistan by starting up operations at Camp Leatherneck, Kabul, Train Kowt and Shindand.

2011 – Arkel begins providing services in the oil fields of Iraq for commercial companies at Majnoon and Rumaila.

Today Homer leads Arkel as its Chairman providing the company with his invaluable insight and entrepreneurship. His spirit of making the impossible possible flows throughout the company. From his prior experiences the company continues to grow along the path he set forward.