Social Responsibillity

One of Arkel’s core values is “to make the places we work a little better after we’ve gone.” We do that in a variety of ways. Our socio-economic approach to hiring in local settings includes “locals first and as often as possible.” Our priority is to hire and train the very best locals to promote within the communities we work so that skills are learned, retained and transferred. We promote local commerce whenever and wherever possible. We’ve learned that not only does the support of the indigenous economy support the client and customer, it helps them grow and become more self-sufficient, and builds the trust and networks needed to be successful.

It is vital that organizations performing work in vulnerable locations operate under the highest standards possible. Arkel and its partners have an obligation to safeguard the scarcity of program dollars and consider it our duty to uphold international standards and codes of conduct. We operate under the highest ethical principles and thoroughly vet employees, partners, subcontractors and independent contractors before engaging in work.