Arkel International is an infrastructure and essential services company helping organizations, governments and militaries work successfully in the world’s most austere and remote locations. With a 50+ year history of working overseas providing construction, technical services and power generation, logistics and life support, Arkel goes where others cannot or will not. We’ve built a reputation of fulfilling on our promises and the needs of our customers worldwide.

Our team has performed multi-million dollar projects for life support, construction, operations and maintenance, and power generation, throughout the Middle East and Africa for United States government, foreign governments, international organizations, and a wide range of commercial entities. Arkel International beginnings have root in all parts of Africa supporting infrastructure development, power generation, construction and logistics. A testimony of Arkel’s trailblazing ability was our call to service in 1985 after the completion of the Kenana Sugar Plant construction, where we served as the owner representative for the extensive project and factory manager for five years following. Because of the extensive logistical “pioneering” necessary in the development of Kenana, now a thriving city that was once a Greenfield with no infrastructure or access, Arkel was sought to provide logistical services for the USAID Famine Relief Program in 1985-86. That mentality and philosophy of “can-do” was instrumental in our being one of the first American contractors allowed to do business in Iraq in 2003. Our presence has grown to all major provinces as we continue to support the U.S. government and commercial organizations in Iraq. Arkel has also spread our Iraqi operations into the Basra region, supporting oil & gas customers with camp construction, life support, power generation, technical services and other works on the surrounding oil fields. By 2009, Arkel was fully mobilized into Afghanistan, opening our first offices in Kabul and Kandahar.

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